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Posted on 03-10-2013

I would like to introduce Rumour, she is an 8-week old, female Norfolk Terrier who came home to live with me yesterday.  

Saturday morning was an early start for the trek to Azilda, North of Sudbury.  I packed a bag with all the supplies I thought we might need to transport a new puppy for 6 hours.  A crate to keep her safe, pee pads for along the route, clean up towels (just in case the pee pads failed), snuggly toys and blankets.  I also brought my stethoscope and otoscope because she would have her initial examination prior to final purchase.

I always tell my client to leave their heartstrings at home when they go to see a puppy.  Easier said than done.  I was beside myself with the idea that something could be wrong after I had waited for 10 weeks and then driven 6 hours to meet her.  I also needed to see the 3 P's of puppy purchasing ... premises, parents and papers.  It does not make sense to bring home a new puppy that already has health issues.  This is a puppy purchase not a rescue!

The good news, her exam was perfect and she was a keeper.  We thanked her breeder, said goodbye to her brothers and headed back to Georgetown.  She slept all the way with the exception of a short potty break.  I had to make more stops than she did!

Rue had never been crated or gone outside for bathroom duties, she was no longer with her littermates or the family she was used to.  I was sure it would be a very long night.  With my deck and dog run still a foot deep in snow, we headed out, pee pad in hand.  She just looked at me as if I was crazy.  Then tentatively walked on top of the cold snow, uncertain what to do, then all of a sudden she went on the pad.  Hurray!  She took several more trips outside during the evening and through the night without any luck.  She had one accident after taking her out but I guess that was to be expected.  She slept all night in the crate, woke up several times and whined a bit but would soon settle back down and go to sleep.  I think I will become very good at ignoring the whining.

Today socialization started.  She watched me vacuum, shovel the dog run and met several neighbours and friends as well as two young children.  She greeted three adult dogs with tails relaxed and wagging.  I always tell people that puppies must be introduced to 100 people in 100 days as well as all things they will need to encounter in life so they can be confident and not fearful.  I think I have a big job ahead of me. 

She seems to love toys and has started to retrieve.  She is learning to sit to be petted.  She is a tough little terrier and I know she will keep me on my toes (when is isn't trying to bite them).   Tomorrow she will have her first day at the clinic. I am hoping some of our clients will drop by and meet her, making that 100 people in 100 days list a little shorter.

Those days of a glass on wine in front of the TV have been replaced with potty breaks and games to wear out the puppy.  Here's to the hope of a good night's sleep.

Jake Morrison said:

Hi Rue! Welcome to the Fletcher's family. I love everyone there, Dr. Sandy (your mum) is really nice to me when I go for my doctor visits. Auntie Mel and Auntie Linda are the best, they give me the BEST treats. I hope I can meet you one day, I am sure my Mum, Jen, will say hello to you soon. Have fun at your great new home! Jake Morrison

2013-03-10 19:36:58

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